Why Crossfit?

Like many people, I want to stay in shape. It isn’t as much about ‘looking’ good but living the best life possible. I tried doing just cardio and while I lost weight, I didn’t feel the best.

I tried lifting weights but I found doing the same routines led to boredom. Also, most gyms work on the model of getting your money but not delivering a good experience. The gym would either be packed or the equipment would be in poor condition.

I started to look at alternatives that would keep me interested in going to the gym. That is when I found Crossfit and was hooked. I will not make the claim that CrossFit is the solution for everyone but it works well for me.

Crossfit is about volume and always challenging yourself. This fits well with my personality. I am always looking for a challenge and trying to beat my ‘best’.

I like that you show up and the workout will be varied and you don’t have to ‘think’ about what you will be doing that day. You just arrive and do the best you can do. Some people like to compete with others but I like to compete with myself.

When I did the standard gym my gains were slow. This could have been from a lack of knowledge, not lifting hard enough, or feeling rushed fighting over equipment.

With Crossfit I found the gains were significant and consistent. People said, “Oh, CrossFit, you will injure yourself.” When I had knee surgery people said, “Oh, that’s from Crossfit!’

My knee had issues before Crossfit. Crossfit did show how badly it was injured and how I had been nursing it before. I had to take a year off from Crossfit after knee surgery. I can now do a squat without pain.

I hold my level 1 certificate and plan to take my level 2 after the pandemic ends.

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